Current and Upcoming

  • Shadow Fall

    Shadow Fall follows a special operative, Corbin, who infiltrates a hostile compound to detain a high-value target. But things don’t go as planned, and soon he’s in a fight for his life against the greatest threat he’s ever faced – his own agency. With the help of a loyal agent named Bryn, Corbin has to navigate and uncover the deceptions of an agency that has suffered an internal coup d’etat and been subverted by the corrupt Jonathan Ward. In doing so, he encounters enemies in all kinds of places — on the streets of New York, in empty warehouses, an oil refinery, and on a roaring speedboat being chased under a hail of bullets from a deadly helicopter.

    This film is completed and open for distribution.

  • Bewilder

    Bewilder is a thrilling tale of survival. The film follows Alex and Charlotte Thomas, sisters who crash land in the middle of the wilderness. With no radio, food or compass the girls struggle to survive. But the greatest danger facing them is not hunger or natural elements. The greatest threat to the Thomas girls is Wade Rheams – an ex-convict tracking their every move. Before Alex can protect her younger sister and escape the clutches of Wade, she must face her deepest fears and come to grips with her place in the world.

    In Development

  • Lawless Frontier

    Lawless Frontier is an 1880’s western drama about three brothers who seek a new life and potential wealth in the Black Hills of the Dakota Territory. Their close bond begins to unravel when Beau London challenges his older brother Jacob for leadership of the group, turning them into a violent gang of bank and train robbers notoriously known throughout the region. The film is packed with action sequences taking place in the breathtaking landscapes of South Dakota and Wyoming, the film is ultimately a character-driven piece about family loyalty, betrayal, and broken dreams.

    This is the first feature film from Companion Pictures. It is currently in distribution through Barnholtz Entertainment and is available on DVD from The project was conceived, produced and directed in four parts—a unique collaboration between different members of the Companion Pictures team.


  • For Her

    Matt Whelan is functioning as a single father battling alcohol dependency. We follow his struggle to stay afloat in order to make a better life for his young daughter, Katie. While he fights for sobriety the love of his life, his wife Jesse, is utterly consumed by the same addiction. Matt is powerless as he watches it’s grip threaten to cost her everything … including Katie.

    Film Festivals

  • Fourth of July Digital Short

    Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light.” – Norman B. Rice

    ‘We Belong To One Another’ is a short film centered around the 4th of July holiday. Neglected by her friends, a young girl finds solace through her grandmother. Companion shot this video in Staten Island with the RED SCARLET and SONY FS700.


  • Farewell

    Farewell is a short film from Companion Pictures about a young man who goes to extreme lengths to propose to his girlfriend, however he ends up being on the wrong end of the surprise when he discovers a secret.