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    The Companion team recently traveled to Los Angeles for the production of Hacks – a short film selected as part of New Form Digital’s ‘incubator’ series. The incubator series showcases a slate of talented storytellers mentored and funded by New Form Digital. Companion Pictures teamed up with YouTube personality TimH for the development and production of the pilot.

    Hacks is a serialized action-comedy that follows the adventures of Lucy Harding and special agent Ian Scott as they try to expose the wrongdoings of an evil telecommunications company, TCC. Be sure to check it out (links to watch below)!

    YouTube –

    Variety –

    New Form Digital –

    posted by: Phil Toran | Thursday April 21, 2016

  • Companion in L.A.

    Our CEO Bob Cammisa joined forces with Companion’s Patrick Hendrickson for a series of development meetings in Los Angeles in early November. Bob had a busy week pitching our newest projects to producers. Those efforts will ramp up big-time when Bob moves out to LA in March to establish a full-time Companion Pictures presence in LA.

    posted by: Phil Toran | Tuesday February 9, 2016

  • New Wolf Den

    The Companion Pictures wolf pack has found a new den out of which to spin our creative stories! Our team on the east coast has relocated to Stamford, Connecticut.

    Stamford is approximately 45 minutes from New York City, and is home to over 130 media companies, including NBC Universal and the WWE. Our new digs provide us with great meeting and working spaces, and you can find members of the team there at all hours of the night and day.

    posted by: Phil Toran | Wednesday January 27, 2016

  • For Her - Short Film

    For Her is a short film recently produced by Companion Pictures and Directed by Bob Cammisa. The film tells the story of two alcoholics struggling with addiction. Their daughter may be the only inspiration and hope for a sober life.

    Editing is well underway, so please check in on our Facebook page for more updates!

    posted by: Phil Toran | Thursday March 12, 2015

  • What is the Soul of a Man?

    When a man is faced with the ultimate search of his being, at what length will he go to discover the truth? Will the life of one young girl reveal a journey to save hundreds of other girls in harms way.

    A still frame from the production shows actor Bradley Martocello as he searches for what may be another piece to the puzzle… What is the soul of a man?

    posted by: Companion | Saturday October 18, 2014

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