Current and Upcoming

  • Soul of a Man

    When a man is faced with the ultimate search of his being, at what length will he go to discover the truth? Will the life of one young girl reveal a journey to save hundreds of other people in harms way.

    Post Production

  • Extinction

    Extinction is a web-based series that follows an NSA operative as he uncovers a nationwide conspiracy.


  • Inferno

    In a decadent 1950’s metropolis, a naive suburban journalist desperately tries to rescue his kidnapped son with the help of a hardened city detective.


  • The Great American Adventure

    The Great American Adventure follows four decidedly strange young men as they attempt to walk in the footsteps of two historically renowned explorers, Lewis and Clark. Testing their skills against nature with the latest equipment from Cabela’s, and more often than not lost despite all the advantages of GPS and Google maps. Their encounters in the wild (and not-so-wild) regions of the nation require quick thinking, smart decision-making, and common sense—possessed by none of them in any observable quantities.

    Post Production

  • Operation: Infinite Reach

    Set 10 years into the future, this online web-series chronicles a team of UNMC Marines stationed in Odessa, Ukraine.

    Post Production